about Painting

Painting is the art of imaging objects and phenomena of nature with the help of paints. With training material, which I’m going to place here when possible, I hope that you will be able to develop further the culture of a visual perception of objects and nature’s phenomena, as well as perception of works of art. I hope also that by rereading and rethinking these learning material I also continue learning further and myself, because for anyone it is never too late to learn more and deeper on the subjects he or she is interested with.

I also hope that my home-learned English, perhaps, will not trouble you very much. Or if it nevertheless will trouble, and you would like to correct my language to a better one, then you are welcome to participate in this art-project as a person who will look for correctness and amendment of here published texts.

The artist, the same like and the pupil of the artist, should always take care of the technical side of his art, and he need to be ready to solve all tasks of his future painting, which can constantly become more and more complex in the way of seeking for a perfection. Painting tools in the hands of the artist should become docile instrument for the realization of his artistic intentions and ideas. A comprehensive and complete possession of painting technique should assist the creation of artworks and paintings of a high quality.

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